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I love drawing!

I love drawing and sketching! Don’t you? When I feel bored, I draw. When I feel sad, I draw. When I feel lonely, I draw. I loooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeee drawing. Here are some of my drawings-

I hope you like them!


30 responses to “I love drawing!”

  1. Geeske de Ridder Avatar
    Geeske de Ridder

    Dear Gelina, nice to watch and see you playing and singing about a best friend!
    I’ve some best friends too, and that’s really important.
    Love and a huggy, oma

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  2. Wow! You’re good!!!!

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  3. Beautiful sketches!!!💕

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  4. Johanneke de Ridder-Duijster Avatar
    Johanneke de Ridder-Duijster

    Hi Gelina, your drawings are really cool! You are very good at it. It’s nice to see what’s keeping you busy. Lots of love, my dear!! Kiss kiss auntie Johanneke

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  5. Hey Gelina, nice blog, I’ll be following 😉!
    And wow, those are great sketches!!

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  6. Keep it up!! I will be nominating you for an award soon!

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  7. […] and why? I love drawing! I like it because I express my feelings by drawing. Check out these posts: I love drawing!, My fashion blog!, and Autumn […]

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  8. […] 1 You’re an artist. Ans: I consider myself as an artist as I love drawing and sketching! ( […]

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  9. Woah, you have a natural talent for drawing :OO

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  10. Awe!! Just found you blog and I am already amazed! You are GREAT at drawing! Your art looks so relistic!!! I love it!

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    1. I hope u don’t mind but on your other blog it said that u did logos, is that true? T-T

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      1. Do you mind making me one? (Lol I have tried but I am so bad its just cringe.)

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      2. Ok! I will use an alt gmail cuz my main has my name in it and I just…no.

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      3. Not now, in like… 5 minuts cuz I’m reading one of your posts.

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      4. btw, just so u know its, posibly not cap tho.

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