BABF Christmas card swap!

Hey guys! I need a new way to start posts. I am going to be sharing with you my card for Diamond’s Virtual Christmas Card Swap! Her blog is Build A Bears Furever! Click here to check it out! Here is my card:

I hope you like it! That is all for this post! I am kinda running out on ideas to post soooooo……… help? Tell me what ideas you have in the comments! Bye for now!


  1. Diamond says:

    Thank you so much for participating in this! Your card looks great.

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  2. maggie says:

    Aw great card! Hmm some post ideas for you:
    Christmas collages
    Your wishlist
    DIY gift ideas
    Your favorite holiday food
    A Christmas short story

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    1. Thxs! Awesome suggestions thank you!

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      1. maggie says:

        No problem!

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  3. Looks great! Maybe you could post about what you want for Christmas or something I don’t know

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  4. I hear u says:

    Your card looks great

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      1. I hear u says:

        mine pleasure

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