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Take this quiz about me!

Hey guys! Today, by recommendation of Imrana, instead of me doing a quiz, you will do a quiz to see how well you know me! (Actually two quizzes) Here are the links:

Be sure to tell me how many you got right! Also give me new ideas for quizzes in the comments!


29 responses to “Take this quiz about me!”

  1. Yayy I did both of em! Got 9/10 in the second one💃🏻💃🏻
    and I don’t know how much I got in the first one…..can you please check your scoreboard to see if the quiz got submitted??

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    1. I defined don’t know anything about Gelina

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      1. I just guessed so many answers😂

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    2. I didn’t see your name in the first quiz, so I think you didn’t submit it.

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      1. Ahh okay, I’ll do it again

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      2. uhm okay i did sooo bad in the first quiz🥲
        i got 8/15

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  2. God I did terrible. Sorry Gelina

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  3. I did the second one✨!! And got 10/10😲

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    1. Oops i got 11 in the first one!!!! It was so amazing!!! LOVE IT!!
      Most of your choices are same as mine… LOL XD

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      1. Can you do Truth/Dare Quiz? I am sure it will be so fun!

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      2. Okay will try to do it soon!

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  4. This is a fun idea! I guessed on a lot of them. 😂 I got a 4/15 on one and a 5/10 on the other. Oh well, it was fun!

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