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Submission for Selina’s Nature Photography Challenge!

Hiya people! As you read from the title, I will be participating in Selina’s Nature Photography Challenge! You should participate too! Here is the pic I am submitting:

And if I can submit two pics, here is the second one:

I think you must have seen these pics from this post:

And stay tuned, because I will soon start doing blogger interviews! If you want me to interview you, please mail to

That is all! Bye!


13 responses to “Submission for Selina’s Nature Photography Challenge!”

  1. These are great photos!!!!

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  2. ✨ꜱᴇʟɪɴᴀ✨ Avatar

    Wow! These are amazing, Gelina! 📸

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      1. ✨ꜱᴇʟɪɴᴀ✨ Avatar

        No problem!!

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  3. ✨ꜱᴇʟɪɴᴀ✨ Avatar

    Reblogged this on Selina's Garden of Thoughts and commented:
    We’ve got an entry for the Nature Photography Challenge from Gelina!

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