Letting my sisters design my Bitmoji!

Hey guys! I was bored when I thought about my bitmoji. Then I thought it would be fun to let my sisters design it! If you want to have your own bitmoji, just go to app store and download the bitmoji app! So this is my normal bitmoji:

Then I let Amy design it. (14 years) Here’s what she did:

She also chose the pose

She told me to add this in for fun…..:

XD Then I let my younger sister Cherish design it. (9 years) Heres what she did:

She also chose the pose

Then I let my youngest sister Darla design it. (6 years) Here’s what she did:

She also chose the pose

Nice right? If you want more bitmoji based posts, be sure to tell me in the comments! Which bitmoji did you like best?

Published by Gelina the WeIRd0🤪

I am a 11 year old girl who loves drawing, horse riding, sketching, baking, playing the piano and just doing nothing. In my blog I m going to give you the craziness of my life!

26 thoughts on “Letting my sisters design my Bitmoji!

  1. Amazing post Gelina! More Bitmoji posts would be great! What was unique and amazing about this post, was that it had your siblings in it, and it pictured how they look at you and what they think of you!

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