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The results of the random survey!

Hey guys! Remember when I asked you not long ago, to take this random survey? (Click here to see the post) Well, in this post, I will give you the results! 20 people took the survey! (One told me in the comments) Thank you! I will just give you screenshots:

(Earplugs got 8 votes.) Headphone wins! I like headphones better!
(Autumn has 3 votes.) Looks like Spring got the most votes! Lol I like Autumn!
(Cats has 7 votes) YAS GO DOGS!
(Voice has 11 votes) This one depends on the person but it looks like voice calls has more votes!
(Mountains has 6 votes) Haha beaches won with 8 more votes!

That is the results of the random survey! What did you vote for? Tell me in the comments!


8 responses to “The results of the random survey!”

  1. Amazing! Loved the post! ❤

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