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Time is almost up for the Animal Photography Contest!

Hey everybody! As you read from the title, time is almost up to submit for the Animal Photography Contest that I am hosting! I have only 3 submissions I think…….. someone made a post with their submission but I cant remember who…….. can you tell me? (I have very bad memory) There are nine people wanting to be judges! Check this post for more information: A contest/ You can be a judge! Please share this post as I want as much submissions as possible! You can still submit entries today and tomorrow and on 28 I will inform everyone who is going to be the judge. That is all for this VERY short post, BYE!


18 responses to “Time is almost up for the Animal Photography Contest!”

  1. I will try to submit something today, probably of my dog! Not sure!

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      1. Done G! I would go take pictures of birds or the strays or butterflies but um…not much time right! Only two days to go!

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      2. No it is fine! Not your fault, I was the one who didn’t see it and delayed lol! Plus I think Janu is cute enough to make the cut (:

        And you better share the other images cause I wanna see the adorable animals others photographed!

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      3. Yes I will share the others! Lol


  2. I just submitted mine. Did you get it?

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    1. Yup! Thank you for participating!

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    1. Got it!! (This comment was in the spam so I didn’t see it until now lol)

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      1. Lol and i thought… It is disappeared somehow!

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  3. Reblogged this on Miraculus Homeschool and commented:
    This looks fun! Sign up if you have the time!

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  4. ahhhh I’ll try to submit… but it’s hard for me to take photos since I don’t have a phone yet!! I’m sure the submissions will be EPIC though! 👍👍

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    1. Oh okay cool! Lol me too! I take pics from my tablet. Yes they will!!

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