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My Father’s Birthday | Satisfying Sunday 4! | Last day to submit for the contest

Hey everyone! Ignore the super long title. Today is Sunday and it is also my father’s birthday! So have a very happy birthday Pa!

Yeh his name is Jim!

And here are the satisfying videos for today!

And because it is my father’s birthday, I will be giving three vids!

Okay that is all for today and today is also today is the last day to submit for the Animal Photography Contest that I am hosting. Tomorrow I will announce who will be judging alongside me! Byeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!


15 responses to “My Father’s Birthday | Satisfying Sunday 4! | Last day to submit for the contest”

  1. Happy birthday to your dad!! 💖💖🎉🎉

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  2. Happy Birthday to your dad🎂✨✨!!

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  3. Happy birthday to you dad 🥳

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  4. Ya know what! I am gonna enter some pic of my baby goats. Is that ok?
    I know I can’t be a judge then but that’s fine.

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  5. And happy birthday Mr. Jim.

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  6. Happy birthday to your dad! ✨🦋

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  7. Wooo! Happy birthday to your father! I hope he has a great day!!! Loved the videos, not watched all yet but I will!

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  8. Happy Birthday to your father!🥳

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  9. Happy birthday to your dad!!!🌠

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  10. Happy bday to your dad! Hope he got some nice prezzies!

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  11. happy birthday to your father!!!!!!!!!

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