The results of The Third Random Survey!

Hey guys! Like two weeks (or something) ago, I made this random survey for you all to take! And here are the results! 17 people took the survey, so thank you! 🙂 It looks like most people would be dumb! I would choose that too! Typing is the most popular! Me too! Haha Laptop hasContinue reading “The results of The Third Random Survey!”

Blogger Interview with Corrie

Hello! Today I am joined with Corrie.S.P from Miraculus Homeschool! Thank you for being here! On to the interview! Thanks so much for asking me for this interview!  When did you start your blog and how did you learn about wordpress?I started my blog about a year and a half ago. It is actually my second blogContinue reading “Blogger Interview with Corrie”

A few pics of Marshall! (Again)

Hiya everyone! So if you don’t know who Marshall is, he is my German Shephard dog and he is the BEST dog in the world. He is now four years old and I have had since I was 7! He is part of the family lol! Here are some pics I took of him: GoContinue reading “A few pics of Marshall! (Again)”

Turned 21 🎂 + Competition announcement ❤️ — Small Talks

Hey guys!! Guess what’s special today? It’s my birthdayyyy!!! (*singing- “saeng il chuk ha ham ni da” for myself) A lot of things happened today but I’m too lazy to write it down. (keeping it for some other days to share the stories). So I just thought of writing a small letter to myself. Here […]Continue reading “Turned 21 🎂 + Competition announcement ❤️ — Small Talks”

Tongue Twisting Thursday 10!

Yayyy! I finished 10 tongue twisting thursdays! Here are your tongue twisters for today: Frivolously fanciful Fannie fried fresh fish furiously. Which witch switched the Swiss wristwatches? Drew Dodd’s dad’s dog’s dead. A pessemistic pest exists amidst us. A loyal warrior will rarely worry why we rule. Lol these posts are always so short! Byee!

Looking at some bad hairstyles!

Yes, this is another post where I react to random stuff! Today we will be looking at some people who had a bad hair-day! Let’s goooooooooo! Srsly whaaaaaat!? That is some bad haircut! Like, who would even want that?! Lol it looks so weird! Who would even want this haircut! Just shave of a partContinue reading “Looking at some bad hairstyles!”

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