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Our Painting Reactions! | Collab with Kaashvi!

Hello world! (If your not in this world then get out of here immediately!) So Kaashvi wanted to do a collab with me, so I had this idea that we would look at five famous paintings and put each others reactions on our blogs! So thank you for doing this with me Kaashvi!

Love it!

So these are the five famous paintings that we chose:

  1. Starry Night ~ Vincent Van Gogh
  2. The Scream ~ Edvard Munch
  3. The Persistence of Memory ~ Salvador Dali
  4. The Yellow Flowers ~ Henri Matisse
  5. I Saw Three Cities ~ Kay Sage

So here are Kaashvi’s reactions to the paintings:

Starry night is just so beautiful!, The way the color is twisting and swirling in the background is eye catching! The stars and moon look beautiful!

The scream is such a masterpiece! The swirls are so good in the background and the color combination just *chefs kiss*

How in the world did he think of the persistence of memory. I mean the painting somehow is just…perfect. The way he made the clocks is just WOW. Overall its an amazing painting!

Its blurry yet calming..(did that make any sense) The yellow flower is a true work of art..the Way Matisse depicted it is amazing!

OK I LOVE THIS ONE.  I saw 3 cities is beautiful! The twist and twirl is just awesome. Overall it’s a really good one. This painting has some deep meaning which I will try to figure out but the its just amazing to see how Kay Sage made it!

Thank you so much for doing this collab with me Kaashvi! It was super fun! Click here to see my reactions on Kaashvi’s blog. Just so you know, I am free to do any collabs with anyone if they want! That is all for today! Tata for now!


13 responses to “Our Painting Reactions! | Collab with Kaashvi!”

  1. Wow! I loved the last one, that’s fantastic✨✨!! Great shared!! XD

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  2. Thanks for being with me!

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  3. Great Collab…I Saw Three Cities was just amazing!

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  4. Amazing post. Nice collab! Oh and love the changes u have made to ur blog-

    Either way what I wanted to ask was one the animal photography results post would be out???

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you!!

      Oh about that! It is taking some time (don’t ask on what lol) and I am having a few difficulties so I think I will be able to post it on Monday and maybe even Sunday…….. idk! Hope that it is not too a long wait for you

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      1. Its ok yaar! No worries! Take your time! Haha would be funny if it were monday cause monday is also the birthday of the animal i photographed lol! No worries at all take ur time, I was just asking!

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