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Satisfying Sunday 5/ Given my blog a makeover

Hewwo everyone! Here are the vids for today! (My introductions are getting shorter everyday!)

And I am again sorry that the results can’t come out today………. sorry. But I am working on the post so it will be out soon!

And I have also given my blog a make over! I’m sorry that I can’t give you before and after pics, but just go to my blog site to see the changes I have made! That is all for today! Bye!


24 responses to “Satisfying Sunday 5/ Given my blog a makeover”

  1. Your blog makeover is really nice! And you are so cute, I saw your pics in the about page!

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  2. You blog looks amazing, Gelina!

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  3. I love your new blog design! It’s feels really fresh! Does that even make any sense lol?!

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  4. Loved the whole new makeover of your blog! Really looks amazingπŸ‘Œβ€οΈ

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  5. Omg love the blog makeover! The hints of green are so cute!

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  6. Woah! Thanks so much for this post! I saw your post come in Yesterday(saturday) and i could barely make it through the first video without falling asleep🀣 It really helped me chill and relax! I just finished the rest of the video and the 2nd one tonight. Awesome ones!

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  7. Ur makeover is awesome!

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