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Turned 21 🎂 + Competition announcement ❤️ — Small Talks

Hey guys!! Guess what’s special today? It’s my birthdayyyy!!! (*singing- “saeng il chuk ha ham ni da” for myself) A lot of things happened today but I’m too lazy to write it down. (keeping it for some other days to share the stories). So I just thought of writing a small letter to myself. Here […]

Turned 21 🎂 + Competition announcement ❤️ — Small Talks

Its Pavithra’s bday!! She is also hosting a contest and I think I might participate!


12 responses to “Turned 21 🎂 + Competition announcement ❤️ — Small Talks”

  1. When I first read the title, i thought YOU were turning 21 😂 😂

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    1. Same here😂🤣🤣

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  2. I thought you were turning 21!!!!
    Btw whats your age

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    1. Haha lol! I fooled almost everyone!!
      Lol will be 12 in September! 11 years rn!


      1. Hah
        I’m 2 years older than you! 😉😉

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