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  • Imposter Cakes!

    Hewwo!!👋👋👋👋👋 Today we will be looking at some imposter cakes!🍰🎂 Not from the game ‘Among Us’, but cakes that look like something else! Let’s goooo! WOW! Look at that pringles box! But its a CAKE! Like, I just wanna open it and take those delicious pringles out but instead I would get cream on my… Continue reading

  • Some Awesome Cake Designs!

    Yes people! Today I will show you some mouth watering pics of BEAUTIFUL cakes! (Also, I found these on google so none of them are mine) Just look at this! Half is a unicorn and half is some sort of dragon! It is so detailed! I really like the dragon side lol! This is so… Continue reading

  • Birthday Cake Pics!🎂🍰

    Hey guys ! How r u all doing? Yesterday was my sister’s birthday as many of you know, and we had a really yummy cake. Amy (the bday girl) made the cake herself! It was lemon flavor and it was so good! The flowers are edible flowers that we bought from Amazon! Here is the… Continue reading

About Me <3

I am a twelve year old fun-loving girl who is here to show you random stuff about me, my pets, stuff I find online and just random things that I find interesting. As you will find out soon if you keep reading, I am very wEirD!! But don’t worry, I won’t bomb-blast all of my wEirDNesS over you! LOL :)

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