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#Haiku tag

  • Haiku Tag!

    Hey guys! Today I will be doing this tag that Eva made! She also tagged me so thank you! Lets do this! Rules- Tag me(Eva) @album of amazing. Mention the person who tags you. Add the rules to your post. Pick 2 topics to write 2 Haikus. Tag alteast 5 people. HAVE FUN!❤❤ Topics- Dogs.… Continue reading

About Me <3

I am a twelve year old fun-loving girl who is here to show you random stuff about me, my pets, stuff I find online and just random things that I find interesting. As you will find out soon if you keep reading, I am very wEirD!! But don’t worry, I won’t bomb-blast all of my wEirDNesS over you! LOL :)

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