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Take this survey on what you want to see on my blog!

Hey guys! So as some of you have noticed, I post one thing for like 5 days and then post about another thing for the next week! In other words, I need to spread my posts out a little. But rn I have no idea what you guys like! So please take this survey!


And btw, if you don’t know what Movie Monday, Silly Song Sunday, or Tongue Twisting Thursday is, check out these posts:

Movie Monday 1

Movie Monday 2

Movie Monday 3

Movie Monday 4

Tongue Twisting Thursday 1

Tongue Twisting Thursday 2

Tongue Twisting Thursday 3

Silly Song Sunday 1

Silly Song Sunday 2

Silly Song Sunday 3

Silly Song Sunday 4

Silly Song Sunday 5

Silly Song Sunday 6

Blogging Recommendation 1

If you would just take the survey, it would mean a lot! So, yeh! See ya later!


18 responses to “Take this survey on what you want to see on my blog!”

  1. Just took the survey! 🙂

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  2. ✨ꜱᴇʟɪɴᴀ✨ Avatar

    Done! Love the profile picture btw 😸

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  3. […] people! Remember when I asked you to take a survey on what you want to see more on my blog? (Click here if you don’t know) Now I will be giving the […]

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  4. […] order of the posts:Phoenix | Evin | Jahnavi | Nikitha | Sep | Rayna | PBS | Kori | Carl | Riya | Gelina | Stara | Maddie | Laura | Suhani | Devangi | Ashmita | Moi | Harini | Janette | Alex | Kunjal | […]

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