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  • Random pics I found on the internet!

    Hallo everyone! How r u all doing? Since my exams are finished and I am having holidays, I have lots of time to get bored. (lol) I like looking at random pics to pass time and I thought I would share some with you! Lets goooooooooooooooooooo! What do ya think? Which one was your fav?… Continue reading

  • FELIX!!! (mah new cat)

    HALLO EVERYBODY!!! ITS MEEEEEE!!! I’M BACK!!! YAY!!! lol Well, sorry for leaving you guys for so long but at least I came back…… That counts right? Yeh well, the main reason I came back was because of Stara! You guys go on and check out her blog! She’s a really great friend and gave me… Continue reading

  • A Quiz!

    Welcome or welcome back to Day in and out with Gelina! I will be doing a quiz today that I found on The quiz I will be doing is called ‘Which human emotion am I?‘ Unfortunately, I am not able to put screenshots on my posts. (technical problem. the post will not save or… Continue reading

  • Me is back!!

    Hello everybodies! Me is back after long not blogging. In short time me englis velly not good. LOL! HIYA EVERYBODY! I’M BACK! (you prbly already knew that from the title) I haven’t blogged in like what? 10……. 15…….. 18………. more than 20 days?! Wow……… but that doesn’t matter ‘cuz ME IS BACK! Alsooooooooooooo, I got… Continue reading

  • Watch this vid of mah sister!

    Hiya guys! If you didn’t know, 21 June is International Music Day! Happy Music day! Lol so my sis made this vid with MY help in honour of International Music Day! Enjoy! (First song: Fur Elise, second song: 5th symphony, third song: Moonlight Sonata) Haha ignore the shaky camera! So yeh! Happy music day and… Continue reading

  • Results of the ‘How well do you know me?’ survey!

    Hello everyone! So, as you know (or you might know) I posted a survey for you to take about me! Here I will post the results and the winner! Let’s do this! First of all, 9 people took the survey! Thank you! The answer: Both! Yes! I cannot choose between cats and dogs! 5 people… Continue reading

  • Pls retake the survey!

    So yesterday I posted a post with a survey that you had to take. But I made a few changes, so the six people who took that survey, can you pls take it again? Here is the link: Here is the link to the post: YAYYYY! Thank you! ❤ Continue reading


    HELLO EVERYONE! HERE I AM! I AM NOT DEAD! that was completely random….. Yas people! I am back! I’m doing fine! Exams are coming but I’m fine! I have not studied but I’m fine! I missed you all! The reason why I suddenly wanted to start posting again? hehehehe LOOK AT THIS: 2 YEARS! Can… Continue reading

About Me <3

I am a twelve year old fun-loving girl who is here to show you random stuff about me, my pets, stuff I find online and just random things that I find interesting. As you will find out soon if you keep reading, I am very wEirD!! But don’t worry, I won’t bomb-blast all of my wEirDNesS over you! LOL :)

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