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Pls retake the survey!

So yesterday I posted a post with a survey that you had to take. But I made a few changes, so the six people who took that survey, can you pls take it again?

Here is the link:

Here is the link to the post: YAYYYY!

Thank you! ❤


9 responses to “Pls retake the survey!”

  1. I filled it out! Will we get to know the right answers? I MUST KNOW MY SCORE hehe….

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    1. Thxs! Yes u will! As soon as i get enough responses i will post the results! LOL


  2. Alright i did this but I’m pretty sure i failed miserably 💀

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  3. hey gelina! hope you’re doing well. i nominated you for the know your buddy tag on life in pajamas, feel free to check it out! no pressure 🙂

    tysm and have a great day!

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    1. hey thxs for nominating me! i might not do it tho cuz i have already done it and also cuz my exams r going to begin. thxs just the same!

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