I got my braces! | Got some advice on braces for me?

Hewwo everyone! So this is just a really short post telling you that I got my upper braces! (I will get the lower braces next month) It feels SOO weird! And no, I will not show you a pic of me…… srry! But if any of you have braces or have had braces, feel free to write some tips and advice in the comments! So yeh! That’s it for this post! Bye!

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I am a 11 year old girl who loves drawing, horse riding, sketching, baking, playing the piano and just doing nothing. In my blog I m going to give you the craziness of my life!

28 thoughts on “I got my braces! | Got some advice on braces for me?

  1. Aah, welcome to the braces fam haha! I’ve had braces and my advice to you is keep toothpicks or forks handy everytime you eat anything!
    Also, ignore the hard foods advice from the doctor, everyone eats hard food anyway :p

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  2. I’ve got braces!!
    Trust me it doesn’t hurt al the time!
    It hurts for abt 3 days after you tighten it and then is sensitive for about a week
    During that time you can’t have things that are sticky or even a Lil hard

    After that week
    You can eat anything

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  3. Been a while since I had mine removed.
    You get to use a special toothbrush with tiny bristles, so that’s cool.

    It’s a game of patience really. Bit of a hassle at first, but you’ll get used to it, I’m sure.

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  4. Cool! I had braces, but I switched to invislign!
    Tip #1: Always carry around a toothbrush/toothpaste and such because you can get a bad, metallic breath
    Tip #2: Avoid popcorn, jawbreakers, and large fruits, such as apples (it’s easier to cut the apples up first)
    Tip #3: Get wax/silicone, because the brackets can be sharp and irritate your mouth and gums
    Good luck!


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