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Autumn sketches!

Hey! Howdy do? I got a new autumn bitmoji outfit. Do ya like it?Autumn, Autumn, what a wonderful season. Not too hot or not too cold. Who doesn’t love Autumn? You tell me that!

Some beautiful pics of Autumn:

beautiful fall pictures | Beautiful Autumn Wallpaper « Desktop Background…  | Goodbye summer, Fall wallpaper, Hello autumn
Pin by Carla Hopkins on BOARD CLOSED | Autumn scenery, Autumn landscape,  Scenery
40 Beautiful Autumn Pictures - The Photo Argus
Why has it been such a pretty autumn? | theWeather Club
Pin by Monica Harper on Fall colors | Autumn nature, Beautiful nature,  Nature wallpaper

Beautiful! See you next time!


18 responses to “Autumn sketches!”

  1. Love your new outfit!! Those drawings are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Mooie foto’s. Ik hou niet van de Herfst maar we krijgen het allemaal van GOD.

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  3. Wish we could go together for a walk through that beautiful coloured forest! But it might suddenly rain!!! That happens alot in autumn too😁 Nice sketch!

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  4. Hi moinunfel! Thank you for following on my blog, yours is cool, your sketches are amazing, and those fall trees are soo pretty!

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  5. I also love your blog’s design.

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  6. I love your bitmoji’s outfit!! And thesketches are lovely!!💛🧡❤

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    1. uhhh, I can’t find my name in the nominees?

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      1. Okay, I forgot to add it! It will be there!

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  7. […] Whats your passion and why? I love drawing! I like it because I express my feelings by drawing. Check out these posts: I love drawing!, My fashion blog!, and Autumn sketches! […]

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  8. so fun! absolutely beautiful 🙂

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